Sunday, 23 February 2014

Windows &

Much has been worked on since I last posted, but it was mostly more of the same.

Some news though. We got another 4 windows and a skylight placed:

Large window where there used to be a door.
Living room.

Tiny window in the corner were we will install a small toilet.

Large-ish workshop window. Yay.
The plugs and switches and the radiator for this
room are already installed as well.

This used to be the hayloft window in the attic.
It is now a smallish low window in the workshop.
I have window seat thoughts.
Workshop view (windows halfway done here)

Skylight in the living room. 
Skylight from above.
The skylight being blue... that is certainly not an aesthetic choice, I really, really dislike the cold light that it produces. However we didn't know that the skylights with the higher insulating capabilities are blue. We will have to find a way to warm up the light that comes in, with a gel film that we can glue to it or to a glass that we can place from below.

Any suggestions very welcome!

Some more random images:

Aïda working hard in the attic,
placing and finishing plasterboards.
Pim working hard in the driveway, installing
 the copper pin for the grounding wiring.

Pim's dad working hard in the stairwell,
 placing a windowsill.

The neighbours' talkative cat.
Cats don't work very hard at all.