Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Plaster, plaster, plaster... bathroom

We've been plastering, Pim and his dad are doing the heavy whole-wall work, on walls that will be covered by isolation. The plaster keeps these old, crumbling bricks together, and is breathable.

I have been covering holes and evening out walls (that will not be covered by isolation) as much as possible. Then giving a very watered down layer of primer (50% water) in order to see better what I'm doing (the walls are stained from the ancient wallpaper bleeding into the plaster), then starting all over again.

We are also nearly decided on the colours for the bedroom:

And also have been thinking about the bathroom. Well, we have been thinking from the beginning, but it is beginning to take shape:

At first I was thinking of petrol coloured walls*, but I've decided white and green (and oak) is best. A rather neutral sage green, because I want to put many plants in this room, which is south oriented, and I don't want them to be overshadowed.

More on bathroom plans later!

*I think this is my most repinned pin in Pinterest, go figure.