Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Since we need to start painting behind radiators before we place them, even though generally speaking it is too early to start painting the walls, we have chosen and bought some more paint. We chose two shades of green (dark and light, dark for the ceiling, I'm having some sort of little obsession here) for the knitting and library rooms. Once we got home and I marked the pots of paint, I was happy to see I got quite a match with the younger and older leaves of the nasturtium growing between the concrete cracks:

Dulux Indian Ivy 5

Dulux Indian Ivy 2

A medallion for the bedroom primed white (will stay white)

Wide moulding for the bedroom primed white (will stay white)

Aïda priming the bathroom ceiling (some green mixed with the primer)


Bathroom. The ceiling is a lichen/sage green, but I figured a
primer in  the general direction of green would be good enough,
especially since we only got a litre of paint.

We thinned the paint with a little water,
and we had just a little left over that will
come in handy for retouches.
The green primer certainly helped.

Priming the bedroom ceiling with primer mixed with some dark taupe paint.

Priming the entryway ceiling with the same mix.
 I actually like this shade so will probably give
another layer of this mix for the last layer.

Laying central heating pipes and isolation in the knitting room.

Plasterboard attached to polyurethane (Eurothane  G)
for thermal isolation and finishing, plus a layer of
 rockwool (partywall) behind it for sound insulation.


Brackets for the radiator