Sunday, 19 January 2014

More attic

Placing these heavy boards on
the sloped ceiling is very hard work
The insulation for the attic is all up! Boards upon boards of it. I only have started finishing with plaster, however, but since structurally it does what it's supposed to do, other priorities will come first.

I do really enjoy working with plaster, though, it is fun, although difficult to get it perfect with the little experience I have.

Plaster goo
This is a lot of fun (really)

5 radiators are up, 3 to go
The attic bedroom radiator is up and connected. We still have 3 to go: the bathroom (which will probably be delayed for a long time since the floor and the tiled wall need to be done first); the workshop, also in the attic, sometime soon; and the dining room in the back building, which is hibernating right now.

So we will probably start the heating system when the workshop radiator is installed, to heat the house up, and leave the rest for later.

Installing gas pipes, cool threading machine on the right

In order to install the kettle, the natural gas pipes had to be brought up to the workshop in the attic from the basement. For this Pim got help from a professional and they installed it in two days and then tested it for leaks.

Installing the warm water and heating system

Then he started connecting the water pipes to the kettle and the collectors. A single kettle takes care of the warm water as well as the central heating.


I like the above image since it shows all the "layers" of the work we are doing on the walls. You see the wooden studs, the yellow glass fiber sound insulation, the polyurethane boards with plasterboard on top (and first stages of plaster finishing of the joins and covering of screws), the water and heating pipes, the electricity cables, and the gas pipe.

We caught a good deal at the DIY shop on some tiles we had been eyeing for the bathroom, so we bought them:

Bathroom tiles
They are, as it couldn't be otherwise nowadays, metro tiles ;P I could say that I truly have always loved them (several Ferrocarrils stations in Barcelona are covered in them), but who would believe me?
I was actually leaning towards flat oblongs for a plainer look, while Pim liked a bezel more. These have a very faint bezel, and everyone is happy. We bought 44 boxes with 44 tiles each.

I also finally found a suitable, cheap second hand chandelier (originally from Ikea) to use as a base for my bedroom lamp project. I have already started working on it... I'll have a dedicated post for it later!

As usual... the pictures are pretty bad. In fact, slightly more so than usual, since I have dropped my camera and the zoom lens is a bit broken, so we had to use our mobile phones to take pictures.