Sunday, 11 May 2014

Painting and lightning

Continuing work on finishing the bedroom. More paint and marking the areas for a mural painting. My original markings (visible as the only primed areas) bothered me so I raised the three panels a bit more and added a fourth one over the door. This way it seems more balanced to me.

Taping around the mural areas.

I finally decided to paint the door white on the inside. I also need to restore the handles a bit (I discovered today that, apart from the metal bits, they are not wood, as I thought, but horn!). We removed the door for now and I am focusing on the frame, which was very beat up. Good thing I am painting it white because I am using a lot of filler paste.

A terrible picture of the door frame, partially primed.

Vanity lightning! Looking just as planned :)

The sockets are ceramic.
I found them on

Temporary wall lights installed in the... parlor ;P
I want to make the lamps myself, which will take a good while

We had the bathroom ceiling paint before we found these great tiles for
 the floor, the green was a lighter sage so I matched it a little more today.
I didn't want it darker than this, I think it is a pretty good match anyway.

Old glass lamps installed in the bathroom
(the ceiling is only primed for now).

The four lamps are an inheritance we have stored for years.

I painted two of the domes green on the inside.
The green lamps are turned on independently
and are much fainter for soft lightning.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Paint, drains, pipes, lights & garden

Finally, we're up to finishing a room: bedroom. Cleaned and cleaned up the room (it had become a bit of a storage room) and started painting it:


Ceiling and wall

Perhaps a more colour accurate image of ceiling and wall colour
 Pim also got the dimmer element he was missing and set it up, these are the night-table lights for the bedroom:


Not even min

And the timer in the staircase is also up and running!
We've used push buttons for timer lights to
distinguish them from the rest of the lights.

You have two minutes ;)

Little roof and tomatoes happened!
See more at garden journal.

Draaains! progress in the bathroom