Sunday, 25 August 2013

Window images

A few window images :) They are finished on the outside, but on the inside the plasterer is working today. Inside finished pics to come once we install insulation and paint.

For once, I didn't use a crappy phone camera:

House + driveway

Pim's father called this curved element snor (moustache),
 and I have to say I much prefer the term to Napoleon hat!

The glass has a film that adds to the insulation value,
plus makes the windows a little mirrored on the outside.

Mosquito nets were made to measure for all rooms

Comfortable brass handles

We requested the spacer between the glass to be painted black,
since we thought aluminium looked terrible with wood

The arches at the back of the building are shallower,
so we had these windows made square on the inside


Living room. All windows have a basculating function (this is standard in Belgium)

A mention to our window contractor Belisol, who've done a fantastic job!