Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ikea / Facq visit

The 31th of August we made a visit to Ikea. We are 90% decided we'll go for an Ikea kitchen, and wanted to have another look.

Vägad and Rutinerad, the microwave and oven I like, but we'll probably go
with black for appliances. These doors (STÅT) are also one of the two contenders.

Not a fan of open shelves (dirty) but I really like these

Loved this one as well, Pim is not a fan

The kitchen planner tells us not to put the ceramic sink next to
 a dishwasher (which isn't a cabinet, it is just sitting there)
 but we saw it in several places in the shop.
However, we should try to install the dishwasher higher up!

I really like cabinets built like this (to hide the kettle etc) but the total height
ends up higher than the fridge cabinets we need :( perhaps we could hack them...
These doors, Lindigö, we also like.

Still wondering if the single sink is maybe enough

We also went to Facq (bathrooms) next to Ikea. We were looking for ceramic (found none) or enamelled shower trays. We found enameled shower trays and a built in sink perhaps small enough for our antique bathroom vanity:

Upon close inspection, the vanity marble is in worse condition than I remembered.
The largest rust mark can perhaps be hidden by the sink (I want it on a side),
but there are other stains and numerous scratches.
Our marble guy said he probably can't polish this antique piece.