Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Wide angle befores

We're not updating very often anymore, but here comes a biggie. We have other things to write about, but that'll have to wait. 

We got a wide angle lens and it's awesome, we should have gotten it much sooner! It'll be great for before and after shots, too bad we'll have to do with in-between and after images. I went around the house and the garden and took a few shots. These are 100% unstaged, I did not clear anything away for them, tools, rubble, and everyday mess. So a bunch of befores.

Hall and staircase:

Front living room:

Back living room (currently "kitchen"):

Future kitchen and dining room, as you can see we have lots of work ahead:

We have ordered the new windows and door for this space, and after paying for that we'll be out of money and will need to save before we can afford the kitchen proper.

Outside court:

Bathroom, which is the second most finished room:

Bedroom (most finished room but not quite there yet):

Workshop landing:


Attic bedroom (spare now):

And a couple of the garden (more here):

Monday, 1 June 2015

Storage, and a recycled door for the attic bedroom

This last weekend we worked on the door and the storage.

We found a couple of doors in the attic when we bought the house. We think they used to be another partition in the living room (the frame is still there) although it is difficult to know if they belong together since one of them was chopped short. That's the one we're recycling for the bedroom.

One of the glass panes was missing, and the door is too transparent for a bedroom anyway, so I removed the lower two rows of panes, and I will replace them with something opaque. Thinking about options. It was difficult to get them out without breaking some of the... sticks of wood that attach the glass to the door... :(

Some of them were already split from putting the nails in, so no way they weren't gonna break. Anyway, I glued the damages together. 

The bedroom side of the door will be white. That side is also more damaged (and the side where the stick thingies I removed go). Scrape, sand, fill holes, paint.

Decades of grime


Already split



Glass removed, wood lightly scraped

The lock mechanism was fucked up, so we removed the entire box. We'll not put a key back in so I put some thin wood to cover the hole left:

This ebay find is extremely blunt...
and it is still the best saw I've ever used!
Apart from my jewellery saw.
I have to learn to sharpen it.

Glue and clamps

And a little filler to
hide my shoddy job

First layer. Can't find any primer...


Second layer today...
 Pim started building a false roof to make storage space in this weird ceiling bit:

OSB "floor"

Today he put up the rest of the OSB, next, plasterboard on the bottom!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Picture dump

I haven't updated in a while, so I'm gonna do a picture dump with a little commentary.

I started removing paint from the front door. It's a mess!

We'll perservere.

We also installed much needed blinds in the attic windows.

We doubted a long time about the colour, finally went with white.

They absolutely block the light.

There was a spare night table around so I washed it, shellac-ed it,
and it is now extra storage in the attic bedroom.

The bathroom vanity suffered water marks, so I fixed it...
The first layers of shellac I used, I mixed well with all the wax contained in the flakes. I found info that the wax is more protective against vapour, which worried me more than a few droplets of water (we ventilate a lot but showers happen). However it is less water resistant.

I rubbed the spots with alcohol and a piece of cloth, which worked quite well, and then gave a few more layers of shellac, this time skimmed from the top of the mix. There will still be wax, but less. If this doesn't perform well enough (we are trying to splatter less, but we're human), I'll have to bring out the varnish :(

And... workshop! I'm very excited about the workshop ;P but it needs lots and lots of work...

Closing gaps with PUR.


Installing water pipes.

Putting up plasterboards.

Water, yay!