Monday, 19 August 2013

Radiators & hall

Yesterday Pim's father finished the cement work between the bricks on the living room window, Pim fitted the insulation inside the mantel where the bedroom radiator will go, and worked on the channel for the living room's radiator pipes. We also laid the pipes down into the room.
And me, well it never seems like I do much ;) I spray painted some plastic pieces for the radiators, started fixing the living room doors which have been destroyed by a dog (more on that later, I guess) and primed the moldings in the hall:

So pretty

The corbels were painted orange, so I gave them two layers of primer. These colours to the right are for the entryway. Now, I still can't decide if I paint the medallion the same grey than the rest of the hall ceiling, or the creamy of the wall and corbels. We're extending the upper molding from the corbels around this ceiling portion to divide ceiling and bit of upper wall (around 15 cm) from the rest of the wall. The medallion also has a similar simple molding around it which I think would help divide the colours. I'm afraid the dark grey would obscure the subtle details. I am also afraid that painting the molding a different colour could look a little crappy.
Beautiful brass and wood thermostatic tap in place.
The radiators are still wrapped in foil to protect them.
Space for the wood (the radiator, which is very heavy,
will be screwed to it) carved out of the insulation.

Measuring and cutting insulation.

Fitting into the mantel. We also put an horizontal
piece on the top, since the marble was bare there.

Spray painted protective plastic bits. Looking much better!

Enlarging the channel for the lower curve of the pipe (living room radiator)