Sunday, 11 August 2013


It is still gonna take a while until we can start working on the bathroom, not to mention the kitchen, which may have to wait until much after we have moved, but we are already thinking of tiles and other elements. Today I'll write about tiles ;)

We are pretty much decided on oblong (metro, subway) tiles for both rooms, but with or without bezel is still to be decided. I am leaning towards plain, and Pim towards bezel. Perhaps we can do plain in the bathroom, which will have much more tile, and with the dark grout which we'll probably use, bezel may become too busy and heavy (in combination with the wooden floors and wooden vintage furniture we'll have in the bathroom). On the other hand the kitchen will have much less tile and most likely light cabinets, so it can be more decorative.

We went looking at tiles yesterday and found some nice ones, eventually:

Altair tiles, with no bezel, 7.5x15, 10x20 and 10x30

These are available with bezel or plain, white & cream and black (and other colours which we are not interested about), the price range is similar for all the sizes. The tiles are Spanish however, and I find some hints online that these are available over there for half the price, as I suspected, so I'll have to investigate further.

We found this combination very nice:

7.5x15 ivory bezel tile next to a marble (creamy and black) trim 
And Pim really likes the idea of marble floor, and the price is not higher than that of most tiles available over here (which I find overpriced, but nonetheless). This would go very nicely with the above:

Natural stone tiles, creamy white and black marble
 I've always loved checkered floors, so I am liking this as well. Particularly at a diagonal:

This is blauwe steen, a nearly black Belgian limestone,
and a rather white (bad picture) unidentified stone.