Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mural, colours

I've been doodling for the mural in the bedroom. I am considering different layouts, whole wall, part of the wall, framed in paneling... an example of mural within panels. This one (textile perhaps?) covers the whole wall, that we can see. I've made this sketch based on the paneling idea, perhaps it is too much... Pim seems to think so. But I sort of like the idea of including the door in the layout.

The little round things are plugs and switches, and there is a little space for wall reading lamps. Both night tables belong below them, and the bed overlaps the bottom part of the mural, although you'd see through it. Here I left the moldings and that wall white, while the rest is warm grey. The door is also white and warm grey (the latter, a sheer dye).

Still swatching and thinking about colours for this and other rooms...