Saturday, 25 February 2017

Small bathroom progress

It's been a while since I posted about this, and there has been a lot of progress.

The galleries I managed to "make work" here in terrible, terrible Blogger look like they're actually getting worse every day! I have added some captions to the images but they only show over the thumbnails in ALL CAPS now, wtf?

In any case, what Pim has been working on (I am really not doing anything of this anymore, I am due to give birth any day now):

  • Put up electricity for aseo, laundry & kitchen
  • Pipes for aseo & kitchen
  • Tap fittings for aseo
  • Drains for aseo, laundry & kitchen (lots of cutting and digging into the floors here!)
  • Plasterboards for aseo, laundry & kitchen
  • Self-levelling screed / compound / mortar for aseo floor which was very uneven 
  • And he's also been re-setting the tiles on the mesh since I couldn't bend over anymore!