Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Wide angle befores

We're not updating very often anymore, but here comes a biggie. We have other things to write about, but that'll have to wait. 

We got a wide angle lens and it's awesome, we should have gotten it much sooner! It'll be great for before and after shots, too bad we'll have to do with in-between and after images. I went around the house and the garden and took a few shots. These are 100% unstaged, I did not clear anything away for them, tools, rubble, and everyday mess. So a bunch of befores.

Hall and staircase:

Front living room:

Back living room (currently "kitchen"):

Future kitchen and dining room, as you can see we have lots of work ahead:

We have ordered the new windows and door for this space, and after paying for that we'll be out of money and will need to save before we can afford the kitchen proper.

Outside court:

Bathroom, which is the second most finished room:

Bedroom (most finished room but not quite there yet):

Workshop landing:


Attic bedroom (spare now):

And a couple of the garden (more here):