Sunday, 8 March 2015


I haven't been posting much. Three main reasons:

1. Most importantly, since the move our productivity has decreased, due to being a bit saturated, sense of urgency gone, it being winter (I think last winter the same happened, I thought it was the cold, but the house is now cozy, so perhaps the darkness), and it's actually difficult to do things when it's already full of furniture and stuff.

2. Even what we do, I don't take many pictures (re: darkness).

3. Lamest of all, blogger app stopped working so there wasn't a straightforward way for me to post pictures from my phone. I just installed Blogaway, let's see how that goes. Edit: great!

It took us a long time to decide which wall  lamps to get for the bedroom and bathroom.

We finally decided, ordered them, received them and installed them today.

The bedroom lamps are dimmable and the led light bulbs are awesome, particularly when dim. They have this crown of prisms thing going on.

The first floor is getting closer and closer to completion!