Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bedroom radiator

Last weekend I did not post... I have a few pictures that I'll be posting once we finish a few more things. We mostly worked in the attic bedroom.

This weekend it was just Pim and me, and we have been working in the bathroom. One thing that got finished (installed) is the bathroom radiator:

Water pipes

Of course, solid brass screws!

Ta da!

The lightning is fluorescent (I am thinking of changing them to LED), so the pictures are not great.
After seeing the radiator all wrapped up for months on end, I can't quite believe it is up! Not running yet though, but this closes the circuit and we already have a date for a guy to come check up and start the heating and warm water up! We'll hopefully have heating in October :D

A few other random bathroom pictures:

Moldings, trims, paint got done

Soaping off the grime

Closet and a night table got a thick, sealing layer of freshly made shellac

State of the bathroom as of now