Monday, 4 August 2014

Quick preview

We are very much behind posting about the tiling in the bathroom. So much to do, so little spare time.
So, meanwhile, a few pictures of the latest progress:

Long wall all tiled. The inside of the niche to go.
Some of the floor.
Center floor pattern. Our first ever tiling!
Shower and door-side wall (it's all tiled now).
Storage and bath walls. These are also tiled now.
We're leaving the bottom strip until after the floor is all tiled up.
Some grouting has also happened. We chose a medium grey, which looks
darker here since it wasn't dried yet. Grouting is slow! or at least we are
slow grouters ;) we'll use the same grout on the floor as well.
I'm afraid they're all phone pictures... too dirty (and time-consuming) a job to bring better cameras around.