Monday, 2 September 2013

Fireplace + window

The fireplace in the bedroom is now ready to install the radiator. We chose a warm grey for the living room (Gamma IG WE C-05), and thought we could also use it inside the fireplace, since we wanted a lighter grey than the rest of the room to have a nice contrast with the black radiator. It turned out to be too warm to go well with the marble so, after the first layer, I bought a little tester of a bluish grey (Levis' Versailles grijs) and mixed it 50/50 with the original colour, the amount was just enough for one layer inside the fireplace

Gamma IG WE C-05 + Levis' Versailles grijs

The colour is now perfect:

Pim's dad also finished the raised window on the inside, before they came to place the windows: